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Frequently Asked Questions

There are different charges for each campaign. For example, for the Paid Push Notification there will be a service charge and for Moving Ticker on the Keyboard and Banner Ad/Keyword Search Ad there will be a charge based on the frequency and duration of the campaign.
All users who are using Keettoo app and Keettoo keyboard will see the ads.
The user database keeps on increasing everyday. When you select the users before sending ads, you will see the number of active users on the merchant panel.
Keettoo uses different verticals to promote the brands, which involves:

Paid Push Notification- Users are sent push notification of the brands with monetary incentive added in it. When the user taps on the media he/she is directed to the merchant's media page on the app where he/she is supposed to watch the complete media in order to earn money. We ensure that the media is watched by the users. On the media page there are various options e.g. website URL link, phone number, email etc. of the merchant so as to enable the user to know more about the product/merchant.

Moving Ticker- We have an additional feature of Live Moving Ticker which is regularly moving on the keyboard without interrupting the chat of the user which carries the recent offers and updates of different brands.

Chat based auto search- One can auto search the product while chatting. For example: If you type shopping you will get all the shopping options available on Keettoo to choose from.

Social Media Promotions- We also promote the brands and their offers on our social media pages viz. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc

At present it is available only on Android but will soon be available on iOS also.
For tracking the exact number of users who watched your media or to whom the money was distributed etc. there is analytics panel available on your dashboard through which you can analyze.
Yes, it is PAN India based and has users from all over the country.
The users who have installed Keettoo App on their phone and are actively using the app will get paid push notifications. By tapping on the push notification they will be directed to the media page of the product which contains the media images/video, description of the product, link of the landing page, email and the contact number. Once the user has watched complete media then he/she will be credited the money into their Keettoo wallet
Once the user has watched the media, he/she will get the money associated with the media into their Keettoo Wallet, which they can further redeem via Paytm or Mobikwik which are the wallet partners of the Keettoo.

a. Open Keettoo App

b. Tap on the menu button which is in yellow colour at the bottom right most corner of the home screen

c. Click on my account option, a page will open with the current balance amount and redeeming options.

d. Fill the amount you want to redeem and choose either Paytm or Mobikwik wallet and your money will be credited to your chosen wallet.

e. The only conditions for redeeming the money are that the Paytm or Mobikwik wallet account should be registered with the same mobile number that has been used for registering on Keettoo.

Keettoo apparently works like an e-pamphlet for the merchants.

Unlike the traditional way of distributing pamphlets where one needs to get it printed then get it distributed and even after putting so much efforts you are unable to monitor who has actually seen/read the pamphlet or whether the person to whom it was delivered was your targeted audience or not.

On Keettoo you can choose your target audience based on their gender, occupation, demographic, age group, etc.

You can monitor how many have watched your media, clicked on your website link, liked and shared your ad.

Above all it's much cheaper than the print media and more effective with strong analytics to confirm the results.

Signup by clicking at Merchant login on

Fill all the necessary details and get your account verified.

Create the product profile, pay the amount through the online payment gateway on the website, choose your audience and run the ad.

In case you need any assistance in setting up your account or create your product and run the ad please drop a mail or call us at the number mentioned under the contact us bar of Keettoo website.

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